Registration process

The registration deadline is 8 November 2019.

All participants are required to complete the online meeting registration form via the BIS portal.

For Members, this link should be accessed via the IAIS Members website.
Members will need to use their IAIS login credentials in order to access the registration link.

For stakeholders, the registration form can be accessed from the link on this page.

Registration link for Members
Registration link for stakeholders

If you are registering for the first time, please read the quick guide to registration available here.
For assistance with online registration, please contact

Please visit the "accommodation" and "visa & travel" tabs for details.

Participants will receive an email notification from the IAIS to confirm their registration, as well as an invoice from requesting payment, with the options to pay via a direct bank transfer or by credit card.

Before the Annual Conference, participants will receive a link to download the event's mobile application with a username and password. The mobile application will give participants access to the following information:

Personalisation of participant's profile & schedule of the Annual Conference.
Information on the Annual Conference (including speaker details, general information on the venue, transportation schedule, Interactive tools (live Q&A and polling functions).